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A worker stands in front of shipping containers "We have set up 14 trade 'working groups' across 21 countries to explore the best ways of progressing our trade and investment relationships across the world." The government was "not excluding future talks" on trade agreements with group of countries. If included, the UK would expand the reach of the TPP to countries beyond those that border the Pacific Ocean. "It had always been the idea that the TPP would expand," says James Crabtree, associate professor of cheapest online shopping sites practice at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore. But he argues practical constraints make the UK's inclusion in the pact unlikely. "The problem is there are all sorts of barriers to this happening," Mr Crabtree says. Those include the TPP having not yet been ratified and the considerable uncertainty over the UK's final deal with the EU. "It all sounds like a fairly desperate attempt by the British government to show that it has a vision for what happens after Brexit. "They don't have many options, and trying to get into this symbolises that Britain is serious about trying to build trade relationships." Analysis: By Andrew Walker, BBC economics correspondent For some supporters of leaving the EU the opportunity to do new trade deals was one of the great attractions. The members of TPP currently account for about 8% of British exports. The biggest single destination for UK goods and services in that group is Japan. Easier access would certainly be worth having for many British exporters although they already have it with some TPP countries through deals done by the EU, and it's very unlikely to be enough on its own to compensate if there were to be any significant losses to trade with the remaining EU countries.