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"We are not American citizens but our son is," he said as his wife cradled their 7-month-old, Atlas. "We want to make sure our son has a government that is right and good." Organizers of the New York rally said they opposed the Trump agenda, including proposed cuts in federal spending and construction of a wall along the border with Mexico. "Donald Trump is literally our president, but figuratively, he has attacked every value New Yorkers embody and does not represent our interests," organizers said on Facebook. The idea for the Presidents Day protests originated in Los Angeles, where about 4,300 people had said on Facebook they would attend a City Hall rally, according to organizers, and it spread to other locales via social media. In downtown Chicago, about 1,200 people gathered across the Chicago River from the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Signs spotted in the crowd included My body My Choice and Jesus was a refugee, references to Trump's anti-abortion stance and his efforts to stop admission of refugees. As people gathered, a group of 25 local musicians called themselves #SAHBRA, Sousaphones Against Hate, Baritones Resisting Aggression, played songs to lighten the mood. With Monday being a day off for many schools, many parents brought their children to the protest. Eileen Molony, a photographer from Oak Park, had her 12-year-old son and 9-year old daughter in tow. As an immigrant family we feel strongly against the ban," she said. "We feel America is about inclusion, but everything Trump has shown is that hes about division." Chicago police reported no arrests in the protest, the latest in a series since Trump's Jan.