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Australian exploitation of backpackers and foreign workers found to be 'endemic', finds study

Picking red grapes.jpg The report draws on survey responses from 4,322 temporary migrants from 107 countries in all states and territories. As reported in the BBC , Senator and Minister for Employment, Michaelia Cash, said the government had made "several important reforms" to combat exploitation in the time since the survey began. The government urged workers with concerns to contact Australia's Fair Work Ombudsman . "It is critical that all employers obey the law and pay the appropriate wage, regardless of the background or those employees," Ms Cash said in a statement. Since December last year, the government had given the ombudsman greater resources and passed legislation designed to assist vulnerable workers, she added. The Fair Work Ombudsman urged temporary migrants, who make 11% of Australia's workforce, to look up their rights online. Speaking to The Independent, Bassina Farbenblum, senior law lecturer at UNSW Sydney said, "We have a large silent underclass of migrant workers in Australia, primarily made up of international students and backpackers, who are paid well below the legal minimum wage across at least 12 industries. Backpackers and international students are vulnerable to exploitation in Australia (iStock/Getty Images) "Until now we haven’t known the extent of wage theft because the public rarely hears from most backpackers and international students about their experiences at work.  "Within our survey of over 4,000 people, a third of international students and backpackers were paid around half the legal minimum. Now we know that wage theft is entrenched, it’s widespread, and for many of these migrant workers, wage theft is severe. Underpayment was widespread across numerous industries but was especially common in food services, and especially severe in fruit and vegetable picking.

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