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In fact, he won't touch a drop of alcohol on Friday night or on any day of his presidency. "I've never had a drink," Donald Trump told Fox News after his election last November. Unlike George W Bush, who was teetotal in office after giving up booze on his 40th birthday, Mr Trump has eschewed alcohol his whole life, making him a first among modern US presidents. Image copyright Joe Raedle/Getty Images Image caption Donald Trump's teetotalism stems from the early death of his older brother Freddie The reason for Mr Trump's sobriety is because his รองเท้าส้นเตารีด adored older brother Freddie died of illness stemming from alcoholism at the age of 42. "It was a very tough period of time," he said, that convinced him never to drink. "If you don't start you're never going have a problem. If you do start you might have a problem. And it's a tough problem to stop," Mr Trump told Fox. BBC History: John F Kennedy What is fascinating is his view that one drink could spiral into addiction. He discussed his fear that he might have a gene that would make moderate drinking impossible. His approach to alcohol is also a window into a personality that appears to crave control over others.

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