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Then we can start to really chop away at that cost. Jay said that he tries to make Lean and Six Sigma simple enough to empower people to do it. One of the things that I observe is we try and teach people things they don't need, to solve problems they don't have. In healthcare, you need a much smaller toolkit than you need to do things on a factory floor, Jay explained. Even Deming , I saw him many years ago. He said, I have no idea why anybody put the word 'total' in Total Quality Management. Deming reminded people to focus on the vital few, not the trivial many. Jay went on to say that through Total Quality Management or Six Sigma people sometimes get the idea that they have to go floor to ceiling, train a billion belts, and tackle everything on the planet, but all that accomplishes is wasted time and energy Most of my projects get done in an afternoon. I helped one local hospital save $5 million dollars in denied insurance claims in an afternoon. They implemented the changes in the process the next Monday morning, Jay said. I think the Six Sigma world has done a disservice by overcomplicating what we're trying to do and what problems we're trying to solve. Jay pointed out that, for 25 years we've been teaching Lean and Six Sigma in the same way, and wondered if there's a better, faster way to teach it today. It's become one of those things where people are chasing a belt so they can add it to their resume. We've trained a gazillion belts.

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The 16 bison were moved to the Banff National Park in Alberta last week. On Monday officials said the transfer had gone smoothly and the animals were adapting well to their new home. The move will restore their role in the park's ecosystem, officials say, and has been welcomed by indigenous groups. The bison ร้าน กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง ig will be kept under observation in an enclosed pasture of the park in the foothills of the Rockies until the summer of 2018, Parks Canada officials say. Image copyright Parks Canada via Reuters Image caption The animals were prized by aboriginal Canadians for the food and clothing they supply Image copyright Parks Canada via Reuters Image caption If the phased release goes according to plan, the bison will be allowed further into the park next year Image copyright Parks Canada via Reuters Image caption The bison have been arriving at Banff since the end of January The animals were once the dominant grazers in the park, in addition to being spiritually significant to Canada's aboriginal groups, supplying them with food, clothing and shelter. The herd will eventually be released into a far wider area of the park where they will be at liberty to interact with other native animals and search for food, The Calgary Herald reported. It said the hope is that natural barriers and wildlife fencing will stop the bison from wandering astray. BBC Nature - Bison facts "By returning plains bison to Banff National Park, Parks Canada is taking an important step toward restoring the full diversity of species and natural processes to the park's ecosystems while providing new opportunities for Canadians and visitors to connect with the story of this iconic species," Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said. At one time, there were as many as 30 million bison on the plains but they were hunted almost to extinction with only a handful remaining in government-controlled areas.

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